The WOW! Awards has been spreading recognition and building strong human connections in the workplace for the last twenty years

The challenge right now

This year, however, has restricted our ability to connect with each other like never before. With the tightening of social freedoms, many of us have been unable to see our friends and family and have felt cut off from our support networks. Meanwhile in the workplace, everyday face to face interactions have been replaced with video calls, emails and instant messaging, leaving many of us feeling isolated and detached.

Being forced into these new digital ways of working, has left us feeling a lack in human connection, which can have devastating effects on morale. Sociability is in our very essence and the increased need to feel seen, acknowledged and recognised is greater than ever.

In these challenging times, your teams have no doubt been asked to take on extra work, extra responsibilities and have been subject to big changes in their working environments. Now is absolutely the time to focus on how we recognise them and ensure that they feel appreciated.

At a time where we have all been forced apart, it is incredibly powerful to recognise each other in a meaningful way. A simple ‘thank you’ can provide the warmth and connection that we all miss from being together.

Our Solution

A lot is changing at The WOW! Awards. We have a new offering, a new look, and new ways of being able to highlight your outstanding levels of customer service and more importantly, the people who deliver it.  

Your people must feel appreciated in their work to deliver the best service

With an increased need for feeling appreciated, we have taken some time to develop our recognition programmes to be even better for the future. We have built on your feedback on how our programmes can be improved and I am very excited to be able to share this with you. 

More flexibility

We have put together new packages, giving you the freedom to choose what suits your organisation best. Our Essentials Package is our simple offering that provides all the tools you need to start your recognition programme as well as our ‘How To’ guides, with top tips on how to capture the power of thank you and best celebrate your successes.  Our Premium package is our more bespoke offering, that is tailored to your business needs and aligned with your company vision. We also offer optional extras so you can really benefit from a bespoke programme that meets your needs.

Learn from what your customers love

Our unique programme captures the emotion and sentiment of a customer interaction, unlike a numeric score you would generally receive from a traditional satisfaction survey. Your dedicated account manager will be coming back to you with a fully analysed report each quarter* so you can get a real overview of how your service exceeds expectations and who your customer service stars are.

*Available on our Premium package

Colleague to colleague recognition

With the recent raised awareness of mental health in the workplace, we are putting an emphasis on recognition between colleagues. Positive workplace relationships result in increased job satisfaction, higher employee morale and lower employee turnover. Colleague to colleague recognition is included in all our programmes.

“Employees who are satisfied with the overall quality of their workplace relationships are likely to be more attached to the organisation.”

“The Importance of Positive Relationships in the Workplace”

Support & Advice

As well as a dedicated account manager, who independently reads and assesses your customer feedback, and comes back to you with regular analysis of your service. We are putting together wider content for you to enjoy and learn from, to support you in maintaining a culture of praise and recognition.

Bianca Talbot, CEO The WOW! Awards

For more information on how we can help you to build a culture of recognition and appreciation at your workplace, please email us on or call us on +44 (0) 1438 310191.