Telling your customers that you are using The WOW! Awards is very powerful step towards raising your own standards and telling your employees that you are going to be catching them doing things right is motivating in itself.

Customer retention, sales, employee performance and finances are all improved through The WOW! Awards. The return on investment is impressive and typically you should receive payback in less than three months.

You may also find that The WOW! Awards generates a powerful range of testimonials for your organisation, helping to attract new customers and enhance your brand.

Other benefits include being able to identify ambassadors, re-define the type of people that you recruit and identifying specific training needs.

Speaking of training, we know that many organisations struggle to keep the momentum and enthusiasm going after a training programme has ended. The WOW! Awards is a powerful way of adding stickability to your training programmes. With the new skills that your people have acquired, they should start to receive even more positive feedback from your customers. This is the fuel that creates continuous and never ending improvement.

The WOW! Awards creates:

  • A Great Place to Work – Increasing employee satisfaction, engagement and retention as well as decreasing absenteeism and attrition. Just think how much this might save you in a year.
  • A Great Place to be a Customer – Increasing customer loyalty, creating a culture of service excellence by “catching your people doing things right”.
  • Great Results – Winning new and retaining current customers, increasing performance and efficiency.

A special note from our Chief Executive, Derek Williams…

“Something that I especially like about The WOW! Awards is how it can link front line behaviours directly back to the corporate strategy and values. Nominations can be analysed against the values of the organisation and recorded on the certificates. As a Chairman or CEO, there are few things more powerful than to present a certificate of achievement and be able to say how this links directly to our corporate values”.