You simply inform your customers that you are using The WOW! Awards and invite them to take part.

The customer has a great experience

Make it easy for your customers to say ‘thank you’ with one of our simple programmes.

We can help you capture the golden moments of your service delivery, using our online Employee Recognition Platform.

Share positive feedback

Make sharing great feedback with your employees and managers effortless.
Our recognition solutions allow positive customer feedback to circulate through your business without you lifting a finger.

Recognise Employees

Celebrate your successes and take real pride in what your teams achieve for your customers.

Track progress

With our personalised Reporting Suite, you can find your top performing employees and departments, as well as produce visual dashboards.

Promote best practice

Focus on the behaviours your customers love and encourage them in the workplace.

Create a culture of service excellence

Let the benefits of employee recognition transform your business mindset.

We know that your business is going to be both special and different. Users of The WOW! Awards often modify the process to make it work for them. If you would like to discover how to make this work within your organisation, we would be delighted to hear from you please email for more details or call us on +44 (0) 1438 310191